How To Know Your Boyfriend Is Not Into You Anymore

At infancy stage of a romantic relationship, the feeling of a man towards a woman is pure and full of adoration. This happens because of the hard work of a man to gain the trust and love of the girl he courts. It is safe to say that in this particular situation, they come into an agreement that they will stay strong together as long as there is no problem that will hinder their commitment to each other. But, what if the other party fails to fulfill those promises and commit unnecessary fault like being involved with another relationship? Well, that will be the cause of unwanted fight and distrust.

In a certain relationship both parties should be equally involved when the problem arises. But this may not be applicable if the boyfriend is no longer interested with his girl and that he keeps on enduring their relationship he doesn’t have the courage to break the lady’s heart. There are useful ways of determining whether a man is still honoring the promises he had made with his girlfriend or not. One is when a man is no longer punctual to the schedules that was set and planned beforehand. He creates many alibis and lame excuses to cover up his lies.

Another thing is the unusual busy schedule of the man which doesn’t happen before. There’s a possibility that it could happen once or twice but if that happens almost everyday then it’s a sign that the boyfriend is starting to feel lousy about the relationship. Having doubts with a partner or a lover is probably the cause of many break ups and divorces, but if the actions of the partner is somewhat suspicious then there should be no reason of investigating further the activities of a cheating partner. Making necessary decision to reprimand the action of your man is a brave thing to do and the result is maybe favorable to you or the opposite.

After the confrontation, both parties should make an effort to settle things out in their relationship. They could decide whether to continue or not. Most couples simply decide to stay with each other despite what they’ve been through whenever they are reminded of their promises and good memories they’ve had. Relationship can be tossed to and fro but if this trials will be the way to gain experience to prepare in a more complex problem in the future then all you need to do is learn and move on. If a man realizes that what he’s doing is wrong then give him a chance to make it up one more time and help him move on as well. A relationship can end sourly but friendship should be encouraged to linger.

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